A soundboard & general purpose bot for your Discord server
Developed by _blure#0001
using the JDA Library
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BlueBot includes a lot of moderation features such as bulk-delete messages, auto-assign a role to an user on join, set a custom prefix, set specific channels for sound commands ... The related commands are only available to the users with the required permissions.

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Twitch Notifications

BlueBot allows you to know when an user on your server starts streaming. You can simply add the user to the tracked streamers list, and BlueBot will handle the rest.


Customizable soundboard

BlueBot was originally made to be run as a standalone by its users. By running the bot yourself, you will be able to add your own sounds to the soundboard. Otherwise, you can upload your own sound by clicking the button at the top right corner (PC only, 75 free sounds).


Fun commands & reactions

Get latest Cyanide & Hapiness comics, quickly react to messages, express your surprise ... BlueBot also implements Giphy API to quickly and easily search for Gifs.

BlueBot Commands

All commands are prefixed with a ! by default. However, this prefix is customizable.
Help for each command is available by typing !command help.
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Utility commands
Command Description Example usage
!help Displays the available commands. When used as a suffix, gives info on the command. !help or !clear help
!clear Deletes the number of messages given in parameter (between 1 and 100). !clear 50
!whoareyou Provides some information about the bot. !whoareyou
!ping Pings the bot (to check if it's online). !ping
!say Makes the bot say what you want. !say Hello !
!sayhi Makes the bot say hi and mentioning the given user. !sayhi @Blue#1377
Moderation commands
Command Description Example usage
!enable / !disable Allows you to enable / disable fonctionalities of the bot for your server. !disable twitch
!channel Allows you to restrict command usage and bot auto-messages to specific channels. !channel yourChannel sound
!bw Allows you to ban some words to be used on your server.
!bw add for adding a word to the forbidden words list, !bw rm for removing it.
!bw add yourWord
!bw rm yourWord
!setprefix Allows you to change the prefix used by the bot. !setprefix /
!setautorole Makes the bot automatically assign the specified role to new users. !setautorole yourRole
Fun commands
Command Description Example usage
!gif Posts a search result from with the given parameters. !gif cat
!rate Rates what you want !rate waifu
!c&h Posts a Cyanide & Hapiness comic : !c&h latest for the latest, !c&h random for a random comic. !c&h latest
!c&h random
!xkcd Posts a xkcd comic : !xkcd&h latest for the latest, !xkcd random for a random comic. !xkcd latest
!xkcd random
!cat Makes the bot post a random cat image. !cat
!dog Makes the bot post a random dog image. !cat
!ymjoke Makes the bot mention the given user and say a 'yo momma' joke. !ymjoke @Blue#1377
Quick reactions commands. !kappa
Misc commands
Command Description Example usage
!info Provides current information on the bot. !info
!sound Makes the bot join your current voice channel and play the specified sound.
!sound list to list all the available sounds !sound stop to stop playing a sound
!sound ggm8
!rmsound Allows you to remove a sound from your server soundboard. !rmsound soundName
!steam Provides some information about Steam servers status. !steam
!github Give information about the specified GitHub user !github thibautbessone
!server Give information about the server !server
!whois Give information about the specified user !whois @Blue#1377
!tracktwitch Makes the bot post a message in the general channel when the specified user starts streaming. !tracktwitch @Minipasglop#3347 streamLink
!untrack Makes the bot stop tracking a user (no more Twitch notifications). !untrack @Minipasglop#3347
!invite Posts BlueBot invite link. !invite
!call Creates a room in for videochat (now obsolete) !call @Blue#1377
!poll Creates a multiple choice poll (from 2 to 10 options) !poll (pollSubject) [Option1] [Option2] [Option3] ...
!qpoll Creates a poll with simple vote options !qpoll pollSubject
Owner-only commands
Command Description Example usage
!announce Makes the bot say the specified phrase in all the server it's in. !announce BlueBot new release is live !
!setgame Changes the current activity of the bot !setgame eating pizza
!setos Changes the current online state of the bot !setos away
!shutdown Stops the bot. !ping